Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing the world through pumpkin colored glasses...

 One of my top goals this year is to finally make some of my own large, more elaborate Styrofoam tombstones. I've had it in my mind to incorporate some kind of angel at home in a cemetery into one, and I think I may have just found her at Big Lots among the spring garden statues.

 If you're thinking of picking up this tomb-making hobby in your spare time, here's a beginner's article on the art of the Styrofoam tombstone.

My ultimate tombstone goal is to recreate a version of Terra's from the Halloween Forum "Beloved" Stone. Here's to hoping this new year brings the time to start some of these projects.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quoth the raven?

 Happy Birthday, Edgar. Today marks the day when Edgar Allan Poe turns 201 years old. And it appears that the traditional Poe toaster may have followed Lenore.

 Once again, the "Poe toaster," the mysterious man dressed in all black but a white scarf who leaves a half empty bottle of cognac at the visionary's grave, did not make an appearance during this morning's early morning hours. The toaster made these nightly appearances yearly from 1949 until last year, as I blogged at the time.  

 Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, has been quoted as saying "I think he's done." Jerome has been present for Poe toaster watching events since the 1970s. 

 The crowd gathered for last night's no-show included visitors who had made their way from as great distances as France and Russia. The international crowd watched as numerous "faux toasters" attempted to take the place of the traditional visitor, something Jerome stops from happening by keeping certain details of the toasters' visit secret. Makes one wonder as to the value of keeping the tradition going versus preserving the event's purity, and how to keep all the masses from becoming the toaster.

 I will say that I hope the tradition of the Poe toaster watches continue, if only for the selfish reason that I someday hope to be in Baltimore's graveyard in the middle of the night on January the 19th.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stopping By Graves on a Snowy Evening

This week, I was fortunate enough to stop by an open cemetery on a very heavy, snowy evening. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me. But we did manage to take some interesting shots with camera phones... and found more than one orb floating around the graveyard, as you can see in my gallery.

In this very much older cemetery, there is a large house by the gate, inhabited with working lights on, that absolutely belongs in a cemetery. I took a closer picture that sadly did not come out. But you can see it in the background here.

 I so desperately wanted to capture how the mausoleum, pictured here, looked at me from between the trees. I could hear Robert Frost's words. "The only other sound's the sweep/ of easy wind and downy flake/ The woods are lovely, dark and deep."

You can see my album here: 

Stopping By Graves on a Snowy Evening