Friday, August 5, 2011

Yankee Candle "Boney Bunch" Halloween Preview 2011

 Words do not easily convey how much the Ghost loves the Yankee Candle Company's "Boney Bunch" line. For the past few years, the "Boney Bunch" has sky-rocketed to holiday popularity, quickly selling out within days of arriving in the stores, and soaring to higher prices for collectors on eBay. 

 Tomorrow, Saturday, August 6, 2011, at 10AM at your local store, is the "After Life Party," the preview for the 2011 "Boney Bunch" line. The store knows full well what seasonal gold they have with this line, as I just received a voicemail from an employee calling to remind those who signed up for the party that on Saturday morning their will be refreshments and raffles at the preview party.

 Last year, my favorite buy was the Boney Gothic Farmer Couple. Desperately, though, I had wanted some of the raven themed items, and the Headless Horseman themed one. (As well as the skeleton couple in bed, too.) 

They've released this video, and I have to say, the Reaper and the Chapel are my early favorites. 

 Saturday cannot come soon enough! I will be live-blogging from the store when I am there.

UPDATE: I see that the line is available to peruse, and purchase, online. 

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