Saturday, September 24, 2011

October in the Cemeteries

 As you likely know, I love going to cemeteries, and spending hours there photographing the stones, monuments and other testaments we as humans leave behind to remember our lives and those whom we've loved. 

And there's no better time than October to photograph a cemetery. Which is why I have decided to visit one unique, upstate New York cemetery a week and document what I find, see and photograph here on the Floor. 

I have some interesting destinations ahead of me, some I've never been to-- and legends I've always wanted to check out. More than one of these cemeteries have been reportedly haunted--by many different people, over a great number of years. I plan on making my visits each weekend, and writing up the post on Saturday-Sunday. Fall is here, and I cannot wait to share the orange falling cooling dim harvest nights among the stones. 

Until then, I leave you with a brief video I took at Forest Lawn in July, of a small stone, circa 1800's, which caught my eye. 


  1. Thanks for the great blog, Ghost! I was just writing my own blog entry about how much I love cemeteries, when I came across your awesome entries. I absolutely love Fall, Halloween and cemeteries too :) I look forward to reading about your adventures at the New York cemeteries.

  2. Bryan - have you ever been to the little cemetery in N. Ton. on Walck Rd and Erie Ave? It is from the 1800's. They often take the kids from school there on a walking field trip to trace the stones. I think there is even a person buried there with the same name as a very scary Halloween movie character.

  3. poegeo: Thank you! Your most recent post with the graveyards is fantastic! I love the photo of the Montreal cemetery with the autumn-turned tree. And the curved-road cemetery in Glasglow is an amazing shot!

    gail praefke: I have not-- yet! But thank you for giving me another destination for the upcoming month! I'm planning on going to one up in that general direction, and will have to make a second stop. Is the cemetery right at that intersection?

  4. It's behind a business - machine shop - that's on the corner. On the East side of Erie Ave and the train tracks.