Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Halloween 2012

 A pleasant sight to see walking the mall this afternoon. I've written quite a few times about the Yankee Candle Company's Boney Bunch Halloween collection, and this year I remain excited to see what they will offer. 

 According to a post on the company's Facebook page, mention was made that their 2012 collection will include some past pieces-- something I am looking forward to. Other than this promotional poster, no photos have been released of any new pieces-- but a fan who is claiming to have knowledge of this year's offerings has, on Facebook, rumored that pieces will include boney witches, a boney dog and cat and a boney grim reaper on a boat.

 I know what I'm doing August 4-- and where I will be blogging from.


  1. There are a couple of preview pictures that YC posted on their Facebook page back on July 4th I think. And then on the "Boney Bunch Love" facebook page they just posted a picture of the new baby carriage.

  2. Amanda- thanks for posting-- I had missed the baby carriage!

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