Friday, December 4, 2009

State of the season

I thought I would write today a bit about what I've done with this blog and where I'm going with this. This season has been my first attempt at a blog for this purpose, and, quite honestly, I became overwhelmed. There were too many projects to do, too much to do for my display, too many pictures to take, reviews to write...

So. I plan on updating more frequently beginning this month, continuing to post things relative and relevant to the season. And next Halloween I do plan on updating at least once a day. I've learned a lot, but knowing know how it is and where I've been.... I am so ready for next Halloween. I have a list of projects I'll be tackling soon, and the details and progression will appear here.

But for now, perhaps I should finish off packing all of this year's decorations away. I have been putting things in a spare bedroom, quickly becoming known as the "Halloween room," which may or may not truly be haunted. I just have to pack them all safely, and in a well-organized, away. Which I will do. Shortly. At least the front of the house and windows are all taken down, and now my partner's Christmas things are going up all around...

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