Sunday, August 8, 2010

Retractable Fangs

Well, ladies and gentlemen, these look awesome. Real and genuine-looking retractable vampire fangs are (perhaps) no longer the stuff of movies, only. Brought to you by 

Without jumping the gun, the video looks very promising, and I promise a full review once mine arrive in the mail. Depending on how well these work, my costume this year may have been decided.


  1. Hi, I'm directing Bram Stokers Dracula and am wondering if your fangs arrived yet. If so, would love a review. Ease, Can you Speak with them etc...

    Love and Horror

  2. They did arrive- I will conduct my testing and post a review later tonight.

  3. Ever manage to get that review done of these? :)

  4. I do apologize, I appeared to have temporarily misplaced them in the massive task of bringing down all my seasonal decorating items... I do believe they ended up in one of the many boxes of masks. I will have everything out and organized (and, hopefully, the fangs found) this weekend. I shall keep you posted!