Monday, October 25, 2010

A Walk in a Graveyard... at Dusk

 Last week, I took a walk through my favorite cemetery near dusk. As it was beginning to become dark, I noticed these black birds or ravens flocking from tree to tree and monument to monument.


  1. I love that. I go to cemeteries at twilight a lot and after dark, but the sound of those birds made it very very creepy and kind of ominous, like something was about to happen. I half expected zombies to come around the corner of a headstone.

  2. That is exactly how I felt. I had been taking pictures of the fall foliage around the cemetery, and we were on our way out, when there were these birds flocking over by a monument. And I just walked over to them and followed, practically in a trace, from monument to monument with the silence and the birds crowing and darkness coming on... very ominous, indeed.