Sunday, September 11, 2011

Full Harvest Moon 2011

  And so it begins. Nature's way of ushering in the harvest, the Full Harvest Moon (seen here), is peaking. Best  seen in the Northern Hemisphere, what distinguishes the harvest's full moon is that it's moon typically rises about 25-30 minutes later each night, as opposed to the usual 50 minutes later. The moon, appearing in the lower southeastern sky, was given its name when farmers used the moon's light to continue gathering their harvested crops after sunset.

 These photos are from my front yard, and taken on my iPhone, and I wish they could have been of better quality. But I think they show, nonetheless, the position, height and fullness of this first full moon of the harvest.

 And here, in my local supermarket, the very first signs of the harvest for sale. I believe it goes without saying that I love this time of year, and welcome autumn, the harvest and the fall of the changing leaves back with open arms.

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