Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Cookie Baking 2013

     Tonight, the annual Halloween Cookie Baking is done. With the help of some dear friends and family with a penchant for baking and decorating the season in cookie form, we got it done.

     Notable cookies a part of this year go to two cookie cutters Laura and I brought back from Salem-- The Day of the Dead cookie cutter set, and a Vodoo doll cookie cutter, along with the eBay purchased "Undead Fred" set (all products from "Fred and Friends." The traditional El Dia de los Muertos skulls are ideal for cookie decoarting-- ideal, and challenging. The detailed designs and patterns on the skulls challenged us-- but were pulled off in a big way. For next year, we will read up on better and more efficient ways to decorate those cookies in particular. However, I think we did a valiant job.

     Back in September, for Stephen King's birthday, I had a plan to make Stephen King-themed cookies. This never fully materialized, but left me with a cookie cutter bought online that was supposed to be the shape of a "Princess." To this Ghost, the princess looked like she could pass for a prom queen, and pass I believe she did as I finally made my Carrie White cookies-- all decked out in her blood for prom. 

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