Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Country

     Welcome, October. We turn around, and it is gone. A world of winters, cold, shovels and snow, quickly becomes life. Turn around, and the spring has broken, when the world rains on muddy ground and the first seeds begin to grow. The sun shines brighter, and longer, and the world opens into summer. In summer, the autumn seems like a long ago dream. And then we turn around, and it's here.

     Happy October, everyone, from us ghosts and witches here upon the floor. For the season of the witch is finally on us, when the ghost of the world is truly wrought upon the floor. All due apologies for the lack of posting over the summber months-- we vow to make up for it in this October.

     This year, we are going to be showing you an October through the eyes of our world up here in western New York. We will visit our haunts, old and new. From the halls of an asylum our in the country, to the walls of one of America's premiere scream parks, to our New York pumpkin patches and apple orchards. We will be posting here as regularly as possible, and long into the dark, chilled flickering jack o'lantern autumn nights. 

     Tricks. Pumpkins. Treats. Ghosts. Goblins. Witches. Haunted houses. Apple cider. Pumpkin spice, and everything scary, everything nice. 

     Happy Haunts, all season long, from the Ghost. Won't you join us?

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