Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's here.

     Like the first leaf to darken, drop from the tree. Like the first gone from the air, leaving only a ghost of the dying summer behind. Like the first sweater you pull on over your shoulders, Like the first tombstone that appears on your neighbor's lawn, the first bed sheet ghost hung from a tree. Like the first hand that reaches up from the grave in the cemetery down the street, late one autumn midnight. Fall is here.

    And so, like that dusty, creaking corpse rising out of the crypt, we here at Ghost Upon the Floor will be doing all we can to live western New York's autumn to the its most vibrantly pumpkin orange, corn stalk yellow, spider black and tombstone grey possible. May your Autumn be full of warm mugs, forest walks over leaves, Jack O' Lantern glow and--- always-- things that go bump in the night. Happy Haunting.

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