Sunday, September 20, 2009

Double, double, toil and lead?

On my first trip to one of our area's newly opened Spirit stores, I found this rather appealing broom discounted to $9.99. Upon taking my bevy of purchases to the register, the young man behind the counter, who was already annoyed at the props and decorations that customers kept setting off, asked me, "How bad do you want the broom?"

Very much, I replied.

"There's lead in it. Lead paint."

And I told him that was fine, and decided I could easily incorporate it into the outdoor decor.

Spirit has a similar broom on their website, but there is no mention of the lead. My receipt did say that it was a "LEAD DISCARD."
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has some facts about the dangers of lead, and lead paint in particular. It would appear that as long as my broom is not peeling, chipping or chalking, I can use it as long as my trick or treaters don't attempt to touch and/or it.

For all the strangeness about lead, I still love this broom and its rustic, natural look.

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