Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpking Ale

Now, I'm no expert in the world of beer and ale. More of a wine person here, I do have to admit that I like my ale on the dark and rich side. And being that I have never met a pumpkin product I didn't like, I could not wait this year to try my first pumpkin ale.

Pumking by the Southern Tier Brewing Company may have spoiled me for all other pumpkin ales. Rich and dark, it smells and-- more importantly-- tastes like fall. I could describe the dark, dusky ale taste that is smoothly followed by the blossoming taste of pumpkin, as full of flavor as a homemade pumpkin pie. But that would not be doing this drink justice. To me, it tasted like the sun setting on a bright, breezy autumn day, cool orange leaves following from their branches on a tree, and the soft, firey flicker of a jack o'lantern's candle beginning to light the coming night.

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