Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poe: Last Days of the Raven

Edgar has always been a friend of mine. When I was in grammar school, I poured through his stories-- black cats and paranoia and murder and mystery and being buried alive. And as I grew, I discovered his deeply personal poetry. The sense of companionship I find with his work, his sympathy for those who, like him, have a demon in their view, is a comfort I have found in no other writer.

So. I am always worried when filming his work is attempted. Unholy sorry excuses for film that seek to capitalize off of his name have, sadly, become commonplace, as we most recently saw with Ulli Lommel's 2006, for lack of a better word, film. However, this offering has much promise.

"Poe: Last Days of the Raven" is Brent Fidler's 26 year labor of love about what is arguably the most controversial days of the writer's life. What began as a one man play, Fidler directs, writes and stars. The film is already available for purchase on his website for $19.99, where you can also read about Fidler's personal connection to Poe and view some very smart looking stills.

On October 29 at 9PM ET / 7PM PT, the film will air on the Bravo Network in Canada. No official word from Bravo on whether the airing will also take place here in the States. Stay tuned!

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