Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Advent Calendar

When Marshalls first put their Halloween decor on the shelves back in early August, I spotted what I, at the time, could only describe as a Halloween calendar. Apparently made of different cloths and felt, the calendar resembled a Christmas advent calendar that was part of my childhood- one with a pocket for each day, and as each day arrived, you would put a small Christmas mouse in that day's pocket.

But this calendar had a castle, bats flying around it, 31 days and a painted wooden piece of candy corn on a string for each day's pocket instead of a mouse.

Sadly, I decided I would pick the calendar up at a later date, closer to October-- and, of course, when I went back it was not there. Or at two other area stores.

I found it on eBay, only after being told on Halloween Forum to search for "Halloween Advent Calendar." I've seen this calendar going on the site for $22-$26, which is a good five or ten dollars more than it was in stores.

I did, however, find this 26 1/2" x 16" felt calendar, with an owl instead of a candy corn but a different holiday picture or design on each day's pocket, which I found for $17.99. I do like this one better; if only because there is far more going on.

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