Monday, October 5, 2009

Walgreens Jack in the Box

Walgreens gets stellar remarks from yours truly this season. Over the last few years, the pharmacy and store has been extraordinarily good at offering a mix of costumes, candy, props and original decor.

With their Jack in the Box offering this year, they've out done themselves. This is a picture of the one I picked up for $14.99 last week. My black cat wouldn't let me take a picture without him-- and I think he adds a certain something to the photograph (although he is terrified of Jack once he pops out, like a moth to a scary flame.) I debated filming a video of what this guy does-- and what the child's voice says as you turn the crank-- but that would ruin all the surprise and fun. If you are able to get your hands on this guy, I strongly suggest picking him up. He is a very original and, yes, scary little Halloween item.

I haven't seen any more of him at local stores, and the consensus online is that once Walgreens sells out they do not reorder or stock items like him. At this time, I cannot find him on their website. On eBay, the going price at the moment seems to be $40.00.

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